Saturday, July 22, 2006

Toby's Poo

In update to the post about Toby eating a fork, it all came out fine. I never did find the piece of tine, but I wasn't really diligent about looking. Would you want to scrape through a diaper full of poop looking for something that used to be white??? No ill effects that we could tell.

Yesterday I took Aidan and Toby to Leah's house for a mini-carnival. It was fun, but took longer to set up than to play! She only hosted, her PCA Jane and Jane's boyfriend set it up and paid for it all. It was very nice of them to do so! My boys got soaked, check out Leah's blog at for an update from her point of view.

Last night Jim and I had our second budget meeting. We're following Dave Ramsey's ideas. He suggests to get an emergency fund of at least $1000 then pay off debt, then save. We're on to the saving part! :) Our only debt as of now is our house. No medical, no library, we never had credit cards, so that isn't a problem. We got through half of the meeting before I started feeling sick and went to bed.

The boys, well, Aidan anyway, are clamoring for breakfast, so I guess I should be a good mommy and feed my kids!


Tooz said...

The Meadors and the Alurus both like the Dave Ramsey stuff. My husband David's company, Toyota, set up the course at a number of locations in our community for its employees. We really liked what we heard.

Tara said...

It seems to be reasonable!