Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Cute Kid Quote

This morning Jim tried to take a picture of Aidan with the digital camera. He'd just put new batteries in it, but they were really cheapos. I told him that those batteries didn't have enough juice to run the camera. Aidan hopped off the bouncing horse he was on at the time and ran towards the house saying, "I'll go get some juice for yourbatteries, Daddy!" :)

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Jenn Hacker said...

Hello, Tara! Welcome to bloggerdom. My son and I are honorary members of Clan Meadors. Feel free to drop by my blog at any time! I'll regularly stop by here, too. And may I have permission to add your blog to my list of links on mine?

So far as being "Activities Director" - you were assigned that great role the day you became a mommy! LOL!

Again, welcome. I'll stop by often. Guess I better quit procrastinating and get ready for work now!

Glad you had a fun visit with Everett! And congrats again on the baby!