Thursday, July 06, 2006

Here's Toby!

Okay, I think Toby is 14 months here. Somehow we had a chocolate something in the house. I had a piece on my plate, but turned my back for just a second. This is the result! Yeah, I posted a picture!!! Watch for more pictures later today...


annalu alulu said...

Gasp! He's so cute! (i really gasped when I saw the picture!)

I'm glad jennifer told you how to post pictures, cause I sure didn't know!! and now i know, too! and my mom got me and daniel a digital camera, so maybe pretty soon we can post some pictures, too.

oh, i'm so excited to see the rest of your pictures! do you have a family picture you can put up?

Jenn Hacker said...

What a cutie! I just want to gobble him up - with fava beans and a nice Chianti (just kidding, couldn't resist!)

Glad the posting pictures instructions made sense!

yay! Annie, I want to see your pictures, too!