Wednesday, July 05, 2006

How can it be?

Ugg. I'm only 5 weeks pregnant and exhausted! I'm in a stage that I feel like I can't go to sleep, but I can't really wake up either. Leftovers tonight! Good thing Everett came this past weekend. I cooked, so I have a bit of leftovers!

Not much else going on here. Evan's building things inspired by his Lego cataloge. Aidan and Toby are recovering from their long night of marching in the Stewartville parade last night and fireworks. Aidan was scared, but he's scared of his own shadow. He sat with Jim and covered his ears the entire show. Once Toby discovered that he wasn't in danger he would stand up, arms upstretched to reach to the sparks and say, "boom!". Typical for those two! :)


annalu alulu said...


I like your blog layout.

Do you have pictures?

Tara said...

I do but I'm not techno savvy enough to post them. Help me???

Jenn Hacker said...

Easiest way to post photos is...

In your post you're writing, click on the landscape-looking/arty looking icon on the right side of the toolbar that is in the post (next to your font color, selections for bold and italics, etc.) A new window will pop up. Click on "browse" to find photos on your computer to upload to your blog. Once you decide on a photo, then you'll go back to the first pop-up window and choose how you want it to appear in the post. Big or little, centered or left- or right-justified. Then you just hit "OK" or whatever exactly the button that means you're all done says. Then it will load for a while, then it will tell you you're done. Then you can finish writing your post and put it up so we can see your adorable selves.

Hope this helped!

And don't stress over the tiredness part. I remember the first month that I was pregnant with my son, I slept all the time. Literally. I gave up cigarettes, caffeine, chocolate, and any thing else that could be considered a stimulant that I was afraid would somehow hurt my baby. So I slept all the time. Your body will get back used to it again soon.

You all are in my prayers!