Friday, July 07, 2006

Our excitement for the day

This past school year we met Chris S. He is the Spanish teacher at C High school, just down the road from where Jim teaches. We ran into him several times at various Republican events and we kept saying, as people do, "we should get together and do something". Well, surprise surprise, tonight we actually got together! We went over to his house, met his wife and SEVEN children. They are all remarkable children and range in age from 16 down to 2.

Dinner was going well, our kids were behaving themselves and acting in such a way that we were really proud of them, until Toby snatched Aidan's fork. We (being a total of 14 people) were using plastic silverware. Toby managed to break off one of the tines to the fork and swallowed it (we assume since we didn't find it anywhere). So, we called Olmsted hospital to see what we should do. You guessed it, just watch his poo to see if it comes out!

The rest of the evening went really well considering all the kids that were there! Our kids and theirs all get along really well, so we're hoping to get together with them again soon.


Tooz said...

Don't you just love being on poo duty? Hope everything (including the missing tine) comes out okay. Love you all.

annalu alulu said...

Any news on Toby's poop?