Monday, July 24, 2006

Baby's in the closet

Well my life started way too early this morning! Toby got up at 6:18. Jim went in to get him out. Jim opened the door to the closet where Toby sleeps and Toby was standing in the pack and play and said, "out!". He definitely makes his needs known!

Why was Toby sleeping in the closet you ask? Well, it is sort of a long story. Toby once slept in his own crib in his own room. Because Aidan wouldn't sleep in his bottom bunk bed, we demoted him to the crib in Toby's room and Toby got to sleep in the pack and play in the big boy's room. For some stupid reason I cannot understand, I thought it would be a good idea to move Aidan and Toby into the same room together and give Evan his own room. So, we scootched the pack and play into the closet (it IS a big closet) and slid the crib officially into the bigger bedroom. Evan has his bunk beds, he loves the top bunk (and Everett got to sleep on the bottom bunk!). Aidan has a toddler bed, but usually ends up demoted to the crib because he won't stay in the toddler bed; and Toby has the closet. Toby loves the closet! When I've moved the p/p out of the closet in an attempt to get him to learn to sleep in a crib or something, he screams his head off and doesn't settle down until we slide it back into the closet. So, that's the story of why my baby sleeps in the closet!


Tooz said...

When we first moved into this house, we jokingly suggested that Everett have the shelf in the closet in his room for a bed. Glad we didn't follow through on that--I don't think anywhere-up-from-8-year-old-up Everett would have been able to sleep on it without awakening us all with crashes in the middle of the night!

Tara said...

My mom joked that she'd love Toby when he finally came out of the closet! :) It was great to hear the details of your trip, Tooz.

Tooz said...

Toby isn't the first person I know who has slept in a closet. Seems like my sister-in-law's youngest child did that, when the family was living in a parsonage in Mays Lick, KY. As far as I know, she is straight as a stick, so I guess coming out of the closet doesn't have to mean someone is gay.