Friday, March 30, 2007

5 weeks

Here is a fresh picture of the Little Miss. She's doing pretty well. Sometimes I'm awake with her once or twice in the night. Sometimes when it's only once, it is for two hours, but hey, it's only once! Last night she slept from around 10:30 to 5:45, so I'm counting that as sleeping through the night! (Don't tell my friends, they'll lynch me!)


I have a huge stack of jeans in my closet. What in the world makes me think that a mere 5 weeks (today!) after having a baby that I can even have half a hope of getting any of them on my body??? Well, hooray for me! I have a pair on! Of course, when I sit down I can no longer breathe, but hey, breathing is overrated, right??? Forget it, back to the maternity jeans today. Life is too short to wear uncomfortable clothes. :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday

With four kids in the house, we have a lot of toys. Many of those toys have TONS of little pieces. Legos, FP Little People, puzzles, Veggie Tales sets, the list goes on. Instead of having one big toy box for our toy collection, we have multiple little toy boxes. I buy shoe or sweater sized clear boxes with lids and keep each category of toys in a separate box. All the pieces stay together which makes playing with the toys much easier. I also store some of these boxes in the basement and rotate the toys which keeps them fresh and interesting! Works for me! Many more helpful hints can be found at Rocks in my Dryer. Shannon does an amazing job on her blog, so stay and read a bit there, too!

Monday, March 26, 2007

I have a two year old!

And a few other kids, but since yesterday was Toby's birthday, I thought I'd share that! We had a nice little party with Zane and his parents. Jim's parents were also able to make it which was extra special.

Today I had a heck of a morning.
Avery slept in which was great.
Toby slept in too, also great.
Aidan didn't, but hey, two out of four ain't bad!
Aidan made a mess out of Toby's new birthday toys. Which of course included toys with small parts.
Avery and Toby woke up. Avery of course wanted to nurse. Toby of course had a majorly messy diaper.
Avery nursed while I lived in denial about how messy Toby's diaper was.
Toby got a bath.
Once the kids were all fed, changed, dressed, changed and dressed again (Avery isn't a very lady like lady yet) we loaded up and went to Java Detour! I figured after that morning I needed it!

At 9:30 a friend and her two kids came over. At 9:45 another friend brought her 3 year old over so she could go to the doctor. So, from 9:45-1:30 we had: 2-3 adults, 3 3 year olds, 1 two year old, an almost 1 year old and a 4 week old. How many does that make???? And we were crazy enough to let the kids play outside, so needless to say I've gotten in my workout for the day!!! :) Phew! Now to try to get in a little rest while Avery and Toby are sleeping!

Friday, March 23, 2007

I did it!!!

I am so pleased and proud of myself and my boys (and girl, though she didn't really have much to do with it!). Tonight Jim and I took the kids to Dos Amigos for dinner before his a meeting at church. As I was getting up to gather my chicks around me to leave, an older woman tapped me on the back. "I just wanted to tell you that you have beautiful children. And they were so well behaved here at dinner! I have a four year old great grandson who cannot sit still to eat at a restaurant." :) Well, I was so pumped from that grand pat on the back that I took the kids to Goodwill after. I figured I couldn't be scared to take all four out by myself (I hadn't done it yet, and Avery turned 4 weeks old today). Well, not only did I find a new exercise ball and dvd for only $7, but I also found the cutest Carters dress for the little Avery. It's hot pink with Eric Carle's "Very Hungry Caterpillar" butterfly on it. It says something about being a beautiful butterfly. Its brand new, with the tags on it and I got it for only $5!!! Yeah for me! Downer? I only had $5 cash on me, and no checks in the checkbook. So, I only got the dress. Dang, now those rock hard abs will just have to wait...

Just for fun!

This you have got to see! My boys had so much fun watching this over and over again!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Two Toby Tales

The other day I was nursing Avery with a very interested Toby audience. As Avery was latching on, Toby started cracking up. He was just laughing and laughing. Finally, when he was able to take a breath, he said, "she ate it!!! She ate it!!!" Apparently he thought that was pretty hilarious!

This morning we had the possibility of a much more serious story. In the rush to get all of us ready and out the door to church, I left a fresh cup of hot coffee on the edge of the counter. Toby was puttering around and pulled it down on top of himself. Jim and I heard a sudden howling cry and rushed to the kitchen to find Toby covered in hot coffee and screaming. Thankfully, he had only a mild red patch of burn on his chest in a ribbed pattern from the sweater he was wearing. We got him cleaned up and into fresh clothes. He was pretty traumatized by the experience, or maybe it was trauma from the kitchen sprayer we sprayed cold water on him with. He kept saying, "Coffee burn Toby. Aidan no burn coffee." Usually his sentences are pretty put together, so with this sort of wording we knew he was pretty scared. During church I was in the nursery and checked on his chest. The only remnant of his morning was a patch of sticky carmel hazelnut creamer dried into his hair. Well, at least he smells good now. And we figure he won't be much of a coffee drinker...

Monday, March 12, 2007

Another cute kid gem

Last night we were doing something which I can't remember now. It was a fun family time and we were joking around together. Jim commented on some point of my mothering and I commented back, "well, nobody ever accused me of being a good Mommy!" Evan piped up and said, "yes, somebody did". Thinking I was about to have something sweet and sentimental to write in today, I asked Evan who had said I was a good mommy. "You say it!" He responded. Well, at least I have one cheerleader!