Friday, August 03, 2007

Good Kid Award!

One quick off topic note before I start with the awards for the day. We did not know any of the victims of the Minneapolis bridge collapse. I was a little nervous for a few friends, but all of our friends and family in the Minneapolis area are well. Praise God for that and His blessings on the families of those lost and still missing.

I would like to give the Good Kid Award to Evan, Aidan, Toby and Avery! Monday we had a full day of errands. We left our house at 8:30 and didn't get back until 2:00. We hit the grocery store, a friend's house for lunch (while I ran a quick errand to K-mart) and then we all went to Walmart. There was no fussing, no fighting and no yelling on anyone's part (myself included!). We ended up with a week's worth of groceries for a family of six, prescriptions for the month, and school supplies for second grade. Evan even commented that night that I was being really patient with them (yeah for Mommy!) As a result, the kids were rewarded with a trip to Oxbow Park yesterday including a picnic lunch. Yet again they were superbly well behaved. I've always told the kids that if they're good at a certain place it makes me want to take them back there again. As I was complimenting them on their behavior in the van on the way home Aidan asked, "do you want to take us back there again, Mom?" I do, Aidan. I do.


Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

That parks looks gorgeous, and your kids are definitely super-de-duper!

Laane said...

That's so great!

It's such a hppy time when all goes well. Congrats!!