Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Kids On The Block

No, this post does not have the intention of bringing back memories like NKOTB, acid washed jeans, leggings or even of big hair!! And I had pictures of all these things, but the links weren't to good things, so just pretend here. I am merely announcing that we are the proud "renters" of these little guys! These three goats (get it, kids, baby goats, kids??? I crack me up!) are on loan to us to clear out our WAY overgrown pasture. Then, next spring when things thaw out we are going to get a few sheep to help keep it down (and provide the boys with valuable learning experiences and stuff).

Oh, and we also got four big black chickens. Pretty soon they'll be providing brown eggs for us! Provided of course that we keep them provided with food and water!

And that is the excitement for our day! :)

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