Saturday, August 18, 2007

Business Idea

I was wandering through downtown yesterday, just getting a feel for my new town. I stopped in several little "touristy gift" sort of shops and came to a conclusion. I could possibly have a little side business here! I have enjoyed beading, making baby shoes and could also make some other little baby items to sell at some of these shops. I'm in the "thinking seriously about it" phase of the idea. What sort of name do you think I should use in my business? I'm thinking something like "Avery's Acres" "Country Kids" "Country Crafts" or something cutsy like that. Well, what do you think? How do I know how to price things? What if I get too many orders and end up not being able to keep up with the rest of my life??? :)

And for your viewing pleasure this morning, here's a fresh shot of the three lil'uns. Evan didn't want his picture taken because he doesn't "smile very well". Notice that they are wearing long sleeves and long pants. In the middle of August. Weird! And yes, I do believe that Aidan's feet are really as big as they are appearing! That kid has grown like a little weed this summer!


Leah said...

Great picture ~ and I like "Country Kids" the best. Good idea!

Mrs. Ann said...

What about Kluth kids?

THey really are growing! I thought that was Evan on the left, and Avery--is she sitting up by herself? Last pictures I saw were newborn pictures. Now she's a baby girl!

Tooz said...

Man, I had something to say, and then I forgot it just as quickly! Don't you hate when that happens? (Or maybe it was just a senior moment.) Now I remember! I cannot believe you have a couch that light in color and that clean!! When my rugrats were that small, only chocolate brown, snot green, or multicolored would have made it through the door! I am impressed with both the offspring and their mama's ability to keep things clean!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried etsy dot come? I think especially for us with small kids it s a good start. Easier to keep up with and you can advertise on your site?

your kids are adorable.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

If you called it something to do with Avery's names, it might make the boys feel slighted (might, sometimes you never know how kids will take things). I like Ann's idea, mixed with your country kids idea. Kluth's Country Kids. As for pricing, I would go to eBay and surf the web to see what similar hand-made items are going for. Maybe even write to some of them and ask them how they determined their pricing. You could also determine it by the following simple equation:

cost of materials it took to make that particular item x 35% mark-up + (number of hours took to make it x self-determined hourly rate) = price you charge store. Then again, you may have to take what the store offers at first with a small sampling, then once you see how the store likes them and how well they are selling, renegotiate with the store. And if you are in an exclusive relationship with the store, you will have more time to complete its inventory order than you would selling directly to the public through eBay or whatnot.

Hope this helps!

Your kids are adorable! (I agree with Tooz, how on earth do you keep that cream sofa clean?)