Thursday, August 23, 2007

America's Got Evan

Evan and I have been watching America's Got Talent this summer. He definitely has an opinion on styles of music and various acts he likes and doesn't like! He figured out pretty quickly that Sharon would like just about anyone and that Piers wouldn't. He commented on song and singing styles, on dances, and even on people who weren't being modest in their costume choices (YEAH!). We cheered when good acts got sent through and we cheered when bad acts got sent on. This Tuesday was the finale. We enjoyed all the entertainment and the suspense of who would walk away with a million dollars. The suspense was a little higher than I think the NBC producers intended in our neck of the world because several times the show was interrupted by severe weather warnings! The most fun part for me was realizing that my little boy was growing up. One of the final four contestants was Julienne Irwin. She's 14 and an up and coming country music singer. Evan's comment as she was singing in the finale? "She's so cute, I could watch her all night." :) I guess my little boy is growing up!

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Tooz said...

That was a cute comment about Julienne. I have no idea who won, but it's fun to have a show to watch with your kiddo, isn't it? When Bubba was little, he and I used to watch Lou Grant and color after his sisters had gone to bed. That was our special time.