Monday, July 30, 2007

Quick update

Well, a few weeks ago we thought one of the guinea hens had gone on to that big field in the sky. We even found what we'd thought was a guinea hen skeleton and some feathers, so we WERE pretty sure! When we got home from church on Sunday we were surprised to see all 6 of the hens back out in the yard! We wondered what in the world had happened! Jim went over to investigate and that's when things got interesting. They started screeching to beat all. One charged at him and chased him around for a minute. Then he saw a line of "keets", baby guinea hens, running along one of the buildings! So, turns out that one wasn't killed, but was "brooding" or nesting for the past few weeks. So now we have all 6 guinea fowl (they're obviously not all hens!) and a pile of baby keets. What on earth have we gotten ourselves into???

Cute Kid Quote:
Toby (2) was chatting with a dinner guest and told him that there was a cricket over there by the wall. "What's he doing?" "He's cricket-ing" was Toby's definition of the noise of the cricket!


Tooz said...

We like crickets at our house, Ann especially. Matter of fact, she likes them raw, fresh off the floor. If you ever meet her, ask her about it. (Of course she was still a rug rat when she tried cricket.)Cricket-ing is a pretty good word for what they do.

N'Awlins said...

The words that made me rail were "...obviously not all hens!" And...what a hoot, the image of Jim being chased, teeheehee