Thursday, July 05, 2007

Bad blogger

Oops. Been a while. We're busy here making some changes here and there. The lady who lived here left a TON of paint in the basement and barn. Jim opened one gallon and it sprung a leak. Since we liked the color he painted our bedroom with it. Yesterday morning. Starting at around 9:00 am. When we had guests coming for his birthday lunch at 11. And of course our house being what it is, I ended up vacuuming a box of cheerios off the floor. Then a half a cup of beta fish food off that same spot on the floor. Maybe I should watch Toby a little better...

We're also discovering a little about asthetics. That gallon of paint that Jim found and used on our bedroom made a world of difference to both of us! It prompted us to figure out a way to get our queen box spring up the stairs. It only resulted in a little demolition of the house, nothing that we can't repair. :)

And, since I don't have a before and after picture of the bedroom, I'll post one of my first home decorating project. The kitchen was in sad shape (which I knew before we bought it, really a step, no, a leap down from my old kitchen). Here is a shot of it:

Pretty bad, huh?

Now here's an after shot:

I added a coat of paint on just the cabinet fronts, some knobs and curtains. you can't see it, but there is also a mason jar of miniature daisies in the windowsill. Pretty darn cute if you ask me! :)
Hummm, cute kid quote for the day??? I know there is one, but I just can't think of what it is. Darn darn darn!


GrammaSheila said...

Old Poem your gramma used to read to me: "It takes a heap o' livin' to make a house a home..." You'll do a heap o' livin' in your new home, and since you put your heart into making a home, it will be beautiful:)

Tooz said...

Your "pretty bad" kitchen looks really familiar--a whole lot like mine! And getting the box springs up the stairs reminds me of the trauma of getting Everett's old desk in and out of this room--we ended up taking the door frame off. I hope you didn't have to do anything that drastic. Things are going to look good, I know.

Lydia said...

Its amazing what a difference a can of paint and a little change of hardware can make. Love the color!!! Our kitchen is in need of a makeover as well. We have offwhite walls, olive green tile backsplash, pukey linoleum floors and red and off-white plaid curtains. Any suggestion?

Leah said...

Your kitchen looks beautiful! Great job, Tara!