Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Big day for a little guy

The Monday before Thanksgiving Toby woke up with a big swollen lump under his jaw. Figuring it was allergy related I gave him some ibuprofen and benedryl and started to wait it out. That Tuesday when he woke up it was bigger and had a purple tinge to it. Jim took him to the doctor where he got a shot of antibiotics, a blood draw and a prescription for some antibiotics. Ten days later, the thing is still not smaller, but that wasn't supposed to alarm us, after all, we were told that it could be a couple weeks before the swelling went down.

The swelling continued to not go down.

This past Friday Toby woke up wiht the big swollen lump under his jaw which also happened to be red, hot and hard. I took him in to the doctor where he got another blood draw, an appointment with ultrasound to look inside the lump and a referral to ENT (ear, nose and throat) to check it out.

So, Monday (just a couple days ago) he got the lump ultrasounded and had his appointment with ent which resulted in a treatment plan which involved an "incision and drain".

So, Tuesday (just yesterday) Toby went in for his first real surgery. I took him in at 8:00 and they did all the pre-op questions and forms. At 8:43 Grandpa showed up to make sure his Toby was going to be okay. At 8:44 they wheeled Toby off to the OR. Grandpa and I sat in the "holding tank" to wait for him to come back. Yes, everything turned out just fine. He came through the surgery with flying colors, came through the anesthesia with flying limbs (he was very delusional when he came out, shouting, kicking, screaming, pulling at the bandages, unconsolable, a shot of something in the iv and he settled down).

I took him home around 11:30. Once home he proceeded to eat seven mini-corn dogs and two hot ham and cheese sandwiches. I figured he would be fine! He went to bed last night at 5:30 and we saw or heard nothing out of him until 8:00 this morning!

So, now begins the fun. We leave the bandages as they are until Friday. Dr. ENT removes the bandages, cleans out the wound and re-packs it. Then my fun starts. Every day, several times a day, I (or someone appointed by me) will be unpacking the wound, scrubbing it out with peroxide and re-packing it.


So, how is your week going???


Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

You guys are in my prayers - you, to have the strength (physically and mentally) to clean out the incision site, causing some pain or discomfort (with the knowledge it will make it better in the long run); Toby, to have the strength to withstand any pain, and to realize it will make things better in the long run.

Monica said...

I'm glad that at least that part is over. I'll be thinking of you in the coming days- thankfully, kids are fairly resilient and will get the new routine of things.

So what was the mass?

Tooz said...

Dear Lord, Thank you that my kids are too old for me to have to deal with this, because I don't think I could handle it! And by the way, bless Tara and Toby, and help this whole process to go as easily and quickly as possible. Amen.

Tara, tell Toby I hope he gets better quick!

Leah said...

Tara, I'm continuing to pray for you and little Toby. Love to all of you!

Sarah said...

Oh. Oh. Oh ish. I hope he's not in much pain, because that sounds awful! Hang in there! At least it's not really nice enough for him to miss going outside, right?

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the easy bake tip. I'm pumped!