Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pieceless Puzzle

Are you looking for a unique gift that is sure to elicit “Wows!” from everyone who sees it? Our parent company, Ceaco, is introducing the Pieceless Puzzle - a revolutionary new puzzle unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. “What exactly is a Pieceless Puzzle?”

Watch this video to find out more…

You can be the first on your block to own a Pieceless Puzzle. All you have to do is help us spread the word about it through blogs, online forums, and your email network.

Simply forward a link to your post or send a copy of your email, along with your name and complete mailing address (no P.O. boxes) to

Please allow 4 weeks for delivery


Tooz said...

So what do I do, Tara, copy your post and put it on my blog? Interesting idea!

Rebecca said...

Hey you -
I posted this and e-mailed them for my freebie. This evening, somebody who was smart enough to go searching online found evidence that this offer might be a year and a half old. So, we'll see if a puzzle shows up in 4 weeks or if they receive my e-mail, laugh, and delete it. Just thought I'd let you know to keep the expectations low. And let me know if you get anything! I'll do the same for you...

On another note, I'm praying for all of you at the retreat...I can even look at the agenda my sis sent me and know exactly what you're doing right now! ;)