Sunday, April 26, 2009

A New Stage

Last week we finally accomplished a goal I'd had since we moved back to town: buying the kids real beds. As we were setting up the bunk beds in Aidan and Toby's room Avery was banished to sitting on Toby's toddler bed to keep her from getting mashed under the gargantuan bunks (we bought them on Craig's list, they were homemade and are heavy enough to last until our children have grandchildren). Throughout the setting up process Avery kept saying, "I seep here, I seep here" which any mother of young children would be able to translate as "I want to sleep on a big girl bed, enough of the crib thankyouverymuch".

And just like that, she did. I moved the toddler bed into her room, got her blanket and pillow out of her crib, cuddled her into her new bed and bid her good night. The first night she got out of bed once to load the bed down with toys, but was quickly reminded to stay in her bed.

And so another Mothering Milestone quietly slips by. I no longer have any babes in cribs.

This summer we'll sell the crib and changing table set and let another new mother nestle her little bitty into a crib and mark a new milestone for her.


Rebecca said...


You make me feel wistful, too.

Tooz said...

Don't see that crib, or the changing table. You will eventually have grandchildren, you know.

Monica said...

Being a mom is tough sometimes. Getting rid of the crib about did me in.

Tara said...

I would think about saving the crib and changing table if I had the space to do so. As it is, I have no space to store a crib and changing table on the off chance that my children will grow up (though I hope they do) have children (though I hope they do) and want me to keep them at my house (though I hope they do). :) If I need one in the future I'll have to take my chances with the garage sales of 2025. :)

Jim said...

That would make me a grandparent at the age of 52. Are you sure you want to do that to me???