Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Spring Break 2009

Quite a while ago (it seems anyway) I blogged asking for advice about packing a family of 6 for a spring break trip. Well, the trip has come and the trip has gone and all that is left of the trip is some crumbs in the mini van, pictures and memories.

We left Saturday morning for the Chicago area. Despite having to buy a new tire and a power outage due to a spring blizzard, we had a great time! :)

Giving up on ideas of doing touristy things in Chicago due to the aforementioned blizzard, we headed out to Kentucky a little early of our original plan. Jim, Everett and I packed up our Fantastic Four and drove from Chicago to Georgetown, KY Sunday after church.

Arriving around 11 pm local time, we headed to bed pretty quickly.

Rather than bore you with the details, here's a quick run down of the highlights of the trip:

Kentucky Horse Park, Plum Tree restaurant, Creation museum (FANTASTIC!!), Cracker Barrel, wonderful hosts, lunch with old friends, replacing blinds broken by Avery, tuba lessons for Evan and Aidan, Toby starts a shell collection, introduction to Steak N' Shake, great finds at Goodwill, touching prayer meeting, learning that our kids really are as flexible and fantastic as I think!

There. Any questions???

(Oh, and my packing plan? Worked great. Driving across the country with the Fantastic Four without DVD/VCR/MP3/I-pod/video games? Not only possible, but a simply fabulous experience! You should try unplugging your kids next time you have a family vacation. I highly recommend it!)


Jim said...

I had already vacuumed the crumbs out of the van, dear.

Geron said...

HA, JIM!! Hey, I only have two, but I would still enjoy some tips on packing the kids for a vacation without feeling like we're MOVING. I know Mom and Dad loved having you guys visit. They talked on and on and on get the picture. I hear Avery is "2 and good at it!" Too cute!