Monday, January 05, 2009

One down, three to go...

This weekend marked a significant milestone in our parenting.

When we were discussing parenting children we decided that Jim would be responsible for the primary birds and bees lesson for the boys and I would appropriately educate any girls we had. And Evan James was born. And Aidan Michael was born. And Tobias Andrew was born. And I was feeling like I may just be able to slide through life without giving THE TALK to anyone when Avery Rose was born. Oh well, close call.

So, Evan had started asking questions and we had started dancing around THE actual TALK and until yesterday that plan worked out pretty well for us. However, we decided that whatever information Evan thought he had was likely flawed and that we should just bite the bullet and set him straight.

I was just getting into a nap after lunch clean up yesterday when Jim whomped me on the leg. "Where's that book we have with the illustrations of the human body?" "Huh? It should be on the shelf, if it's not there I have no idea." "Great, thanks. I'm teaching Evan about s @ x today." So much for that nap!

So, I putter around desperately wishing I were a fly on the wall listening to that conversation. I understood, however, that manly things were happening upstairs in Evan's bedroom and I knew I had to let them happen.

Bottom line, Evan had no idea that Daddies had to take part in the actual conception of a baby. And he was appropriately disgusted at the thought of the actual act of conception of a baby. So, now we have an appropriately educated eight year old with enough knowledge to be dangerous and STRICT instructions to keep his knowledge to himself!

Jim's take on the conversation is on his blog. He tells it better than I can.

In other kid cuteness...

I was out with Toby just by himself this evening. The following discussion took place:

"Mom, when R's dad dies I'll be his dad."

Toby and I had a lengthy discussion this evening about his Sunday School teachers' family. The end result? When Mr. SS Teacher dies, Toby will fill in as Mrs. SS Teacher's husband so those kids will have a daddy. I think it is important to note here that R is currently older than Toby (who is currently 3) and Mr. and Mrs. Sunday School Teachers are my age! Toby was very somber and serious throughout the entire discussion and man oh man did I do my best to seriously listen and converse about this topic!

So, overall we're having some great conversations here in Tara's World! And we're trying our darndest to keep a straight face through most of them.


Tooz said...

Congratulations on handling the big s@x talk so well...even if you weren't the one giving it! Now for the Toby conversation: David fell in love with "Miss Bernadine", who was a teacher at his school, allbeit not his. He said she was pretty and nice, and he probably hugged her, and she probably hugged him, and he probably told her he loved her, and she probably told him she loved him, too. He was six at the time. He was heartbroken when she married that year. I'm not sure he has ever gotten over it!

Monica said...

I just about broke out in hives the first time I talked to my daughter about the whole thing. Just so you know, it does get easier and info nicely trickles down in a family. But aren't you glad that you didn't have to go first:)?

Leah said...

You know I'm dreading this with my kids. Drew will definitely be forced to read Jim's blog.