Friday, January 30, 2009

More Recipes!

I am a member of another blog (which I should link to on the sidebar, maybe someday!). Anyway, it is a recipe blog and I've posted there today! **Edited to note, click on the previous sentence. You'll get to the recipe blog!**

And if you are of the praying sort please add the J family to your prayer list. Their little 2 year old L has been having unexplained seizures lately. They're in the long process of trying to figure out what's causing them.


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Dina said...

Hello, I've just stumbled into your blog through two little vikings. HAve read through some of your posts. I am a stay at home mum to Isla who is 8 and Andy who is 4 and one on the way due late august. I am on a current project too as I love doing crafts whenever i have the time. I am crocheting right now and will do a blanket with this first project, then I see how I get along so far I really like crocheting. Would love to see some photos of your quilt project :). Come visit my blogs if you like I have one about Malta the island where we live for now and one about our daily life. Have a good Sunday.