Friday, January 23, 2009

Avery's Closet

The closet in the room we chose to be Avery's had four garments hanging in it when we first looked at the house. There were two little baby sweaters, obviously from an era gone, but not too far gone. Next to them hung two long satin formals. I choked back emotions as I realized that the baby girl I was planning on putting into this very bedroom would all to soon be picking out a formal for the prom.

And so, while her brothers are outside playing in the snow I'm going to go have a tea party with my baby girl, while she's still little enough to have tea parties.


Sheila Simmons said...

}}CLINK{{ Here's to all those sweet baby girls who are now mommies of sweet baby girls, and time well spent with them!

Monica said...

I'm a basket case when I have to retire my girls clothes. So many wonderful moments in those sweet dresses. That's why I take lots of pictures:)
I hope whoever left those things in the closet meant to do so.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I get it! And baby dresses are so much easier to store than those long, flowing, flambouyant (sp?) prom-ish dresses. I just loaned one of Heather's out to Molly yesterday.