Friday, January 09, 2009

House tour!

Well, the time has come! Here are some pictures of our new house. Here's the living room. Note the convenient location of the master bedroom right there behind the white door! Love it.

No, wait, wrong picture. This is a picture of an old Indian house from the government a billion years ago on the plains of Nebraska. Jim took a bunch of pictures of it and wants to build one. :)

Ah, yes. ..that's more like it! The view of the living room from the dining room. The edge of my built in desk is in the lower right hand corner. The wooden rocking chair in the back right corner was my mom's great uncle's and the little wooden chair in front of it belonged to my mom and her sisters when they were little. The striped chair is on it's way out, we just have to find it a new home. I love the colors, the big picture window and the great natural sunlight streaming in during the afternoons!

Here's the dining room shot from the living room. My favorite piece is the cabinet/shelf thinger in the back right corner. We got it for $10 from some friends who moved away. What would you call that thing???

Now to head upstairs. The staircase is to the the picture it is just behind the striped chair. Follow me...

Just at the top of the stairs and to the right is Evan's room. It's the smallest, but also has the most fun features. Somehow I ended up with a son interested in sports. We've done his room in "true penny" color which is basically orange. :)

We inherited the big cabinet on the right from the former owner of the house. It's monsterously huge and smells like the fancy candles she used to sell and store in it. And yes, he sleeps on a mattress on the floor. We're looking for great deals on a twin bed for his room. This is only temporary! His room is so tiny, but it's all his and he loves it!

Here's the hallway from Evan's room to the three littles' rooms. Avery's room is on the left of the built in bookshelf, Toby and Aidan share the room on the right of the shelf. And yes, the hallway is basically every bit as narrow as it seems in the picture. :)

My first attempt at decorating a little girl's room! We did a border with greens, yellows and of course purple in it. It also has little bugs and butterflies. Avery LOVES the "fu-fies".

What's a girl room without pink??? Jim found this pink somewhere. Since it's called "gracious rose" we figured it perfect to put in Avery Rose's bedroom!

Avery's dancing in her tutu by her closet door. Her idea. :)

Across the hall is Aidan and Toby's shared room. Toby wanted baseballs in his room.

Tater wanted camo. I think we reached a good compromise!

Former owner also had uppercase living sticker phrases all over the house. I rearranged some of the letters to form Tater and Toby's names on their door! I'd also like to focus your attention on the killer wallpaper border and fancy wallpaper faux stuff! Thank you. Thankyouverymuch!

And the final upstairs room (yes, you counted right, four rooms upstairs!!! Major selling point to Tara) is Jim's office. I only took a picture here to show you that Jim has a purple office. It's on the list of things to do...well, that and unpack it and organize it and clean it...

This house tour has dragged on long enough I think (or maybe it just seems like it since I've overloaded you on pictures). We'll take one more quick stop off in the basement but only because I have to show you something awesome!

First, the room. The living room is upstairs, so we just call this little nook the movie room. And you'll note the hams on the couch! I have no idea what that gray pillar thing on the left is either.

And now the moment you've all been waiting for...drumroll please!

Jim and I built that shelf with our own two hands and dang it, I'm proud of it! It makes me smile everytime I see it! The funny gray pillar thing is off screen to the right of the kitchen thinger. But look, toys, and they're organized and in labeled bins and everything!!!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my new house. I'd take a picture of the outside, but y'all it is really cold out there and I really don't want to freeze my fanny off. You'll see it in the spring. In the mean time, here's one quick shot of the outside to stave off your appetite for more of my house:

Yes. We brought the tractor with us. And yes, the whole expanse of what you see in the picture is ours. All the way back to the trees!

6 comments: said...

It's an etagere. And the gray pillar thing most likely covers what your dad euphemistically calls "the stink stack." It vents the odors from the sewer line to the outside. Is there a little vent thing outside on the roof in a matching location?
Your decorating is beeeautiful!

Melanie, Who am I ? said...

I think you missed a room and 2 corners of the basement!

Monica said...

I loved seeing your house! How wonderful to have so many rooms. I'd much rather have several smaller rooms than a few large ones any day. Thanks for the tour!

Anonymous said...

Now I really need to come out and see it! Once we get back in town...:)...and you do a great, entertaining blog!

Pam Block

Leah said...

Love the house and am glad you are enjoying it so much!

Snyders said...

Hey Tara...congrats on the new house and thanks for the chocolate cake recipe...I'll be trying that soon. Now, where can I score one of those Bob the Builder blankets that Toby has? It looks homemade, but I have a boy who'd kill for one of those...and possibly my girl too! Hope all is well...miss everyone in MN but not that darn cold winter. Marian (your old MOPS friend)