Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day

The kids have had some wonderful fun this morning! Here are some pictures for you to enjoy! And since blogger isn't being nice today I'll have to post about them here instead of near the picture where I wanted to. Avery got her first tea set for Christmas. Let's say it all together now, "awww, cute!!!" She loves banging the teacups together, so so far she isn't playing with it a whole lot differently than a little boy! Evan and Aidan are SHARING the pirate set that Aidan got from his South Dakota cousins. Toby is coloring on his new little cardboard house. Believe it or not I actually love building stuff like that, so while the construction could have caused some major payback gifts in the future for the South Dakota cousins, I'm actually quite thrilled to be able to say that I put it together! :)


Tooz said...

Aren't little kids just the bestest things in the whole world? We just got back from 3 days with our granddaughter, and there isn't anything that's much more fun for us grands than to watch the least 'uns! Your kids are darling. I know the folks enjoy being able to see their pictures on line.

Mrs. Allroro said...

Tara, thanks for new pictures! Your kids are beautiful! Glad you had a happy Christmas morning!