Monday, December 10, 2007

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Yes. I have found the stockings. The day after I went to Hobby Lobby and bought new ones.

And we've spent the last 2 days with Toby and a stomach virus. No, I take that back. Jim spent the last two days with Toby and a stomach virus. The bottom kind which isn't all that fun with a non-potty trained kiddo who yells like a banshee everytime you come near him with a wipe because his little posterior area is as red as a tomato. I took Evan to his Christmas program rehearsal on Saturday morning. Jim stayed home with the 3 lil'uns while I did that and also stayed home with the Toby while I took the three non-Tobys to church. Then Jim stayed home with Toby and Avery while I took the two big'uns to their program last night. What a man.

Edit that last paragraph in your own mind however you feel would make more sense than what I've actually written.

And now Aidan has the bug, but at least he can take care of himself. I'll just have to wash the toilet forty-leven times today in a (probably futile) attempt to avoid this bug myself.

And if these kids aren't healthy by tomorrow I'll have to miss the MOPS Christmas meeting. For the third straight year. Pray, y'all. Pray.

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Tooz said...

I sure hope you get to go to the MOPS Christmas program. I know how much I hated missing things like that when my kids were little...I remember one year Lydia was sick, recovering from pneumonia, and we took her out to a baby sitter's, so that we could go to some sort of Christmas function. Yes, I did feel a little guilty about that.