Monday, December 17, 2007

Home again, home again

Well. We've had quite the week around here. Monday afternoon Avery started throwing up. And had a fever. And a owie spot on her leg and behind her ear. Thursday when I got her up, the sore on her leg was oozing and the foot was red, puffy and hot to the touch. So, off to the doctor we rushed. Hyper Doctor Lady (whom I will not voluntarily be going back to by the way) rushed around ordering tests, taking swabs and ordering labs. Within an hour we found ourselves checked in to the hospital and the precious baby girl had had several pokes, proddings and an IV. With an eventual diagnosis of a strep infection, a staph infection and roseola we camped out in the hospital from Thursday morning until Saturday night. Avery was hooked up to an IV which dripped high powered antibiotics straight into her bloodstream. Thanks to some girlfriends who brought me sanity and clean clothes and Jim who kept the boys under control I was able to stay with her the whole time. Plus, I sort of had to stay since I was the source of the only food she was interested in eating for three days!

Well, alls well that has ended well. Avery's home, the house and I are recovering from being gone for a few days and the boys are up to their normal antics. Avery's sleeping up in her crib and I'm getting caught up on blogging and laundry.

That's all for now. :)


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear she's okay and home again. God is good.

Tooz said...

Tara, I'm so sorry I didn't know about this earlier! I am also so, so thankful that God healed Avery. What a frightful experience! Love to you all.

Mrs. Aluhu said...

How is Avery doing now? I'd like to see a recent picture of her!