Friday, January 04, 2008

Away In The Manger

So I've been putting off taking down my Christmas decorations because I have a severe case of the procrastinations. So, Toby was playing with the Little People Nativity set that Gramma Sheila bought Avery. (Thank you, Mom!) And he's combined a few of the sets so that the angel and the wise men are taking turns riding a motorcycle in to Bethlehem. And then the motorcycle spins out of control and wipes out all the little animals while Mary, Jospeh and Baby Jesus are safe in the stable. And if this house had a AA battery in it ANYWHERE I could take a picture for you. But I cannot.

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Tooz said...

We used to have some of those Little People sets. Everett loved to play with the little guys and to name them.

One day he was playing with his Little People under the dining room table. We lived in an old house at the time which had come complete with a hole, about the size of a silver dollar, right in the center of the dining room floor. I came in just in time to see him dropping the folks down the hole--"Here you go, Jim, and here you go, Joe, and here you go, Henry Kissinger."

I'm afraid that if we had had the nativity set, Baby Jesus would have joined Jim, Joe, and Henry Kissinger in the dark, damp basement. Might not have been much worse than Egypt, I guess.

By the way, we got your newsletter yesterday and enjoyed reading it!Happy New Years to you folks.