Monday, May 07, 2007

The View From Here

I am overdue for an update here; it's been a busy weekend.

My parents came up for a visit which was a great diversion from life! We're putting our house on the market tomorrow, so now I have to return to normal and start cleaning and packing unnecessary stuff away (or just give it away). We're not going far, just somewhere with a little more elbow room for boys to run.

Avery is overall doing better. We're learning her "I'm tired, put me to sleep" cues and jumping on them to get a happy napper. She's smiling and cooing all over the place. Quite a difference from the sad baby I had a couple of weeks ago. Zantac seems to be doing the job!
Toby is a kick. He's such a ham and gives us something to laugh about every day. Right now I'm lifting my self-imposed ban on Caillou. I hate that kid's voice, but since it's keeping Toby entertained, I'll let it go for now.
Aidan just provided me with a reminder that I do indeed have boys. I came downstairs from putting Avery down for a nap. I saw the sliding glass door open to the deck and one "shiney heiney" out there on the deck and Aidan, ahem, relieving himself on the deck!!! It is so hard to explain how we are supposed to use the potty while I am cracking up!

Evan is on a field trip to the MN zoo today. He has directions from his teacher that if he does "one little thing wrong" he'll be in the visitor's center with the teacher for the rest of the trip! I just told him that he had to be good or they would leave him in the monkey cage. Bad idea on my part, he thought that sounded like fun!

My girlfriend Melanie had her baby on Friday. Ananiah Eileen was born on her due date, quite a difference from her big brother who was born at 25 weeks 6 days! She was almost 7 lbs, a giant compared to 2 lb Zane. Everyone is doing great!

In other news, please continue to pray for Heather. She came through her brain tumor surgery well, but found out that the tumor type it is carries with it a life expectancy of 3-5 years. She has three kids ages 10, 7 and 5. The 5 year old is autistic and a heart transplant patient. Pray for Heather, Mark, Easton, Eli and Emma as they deal with this news. Her spirits are good and she is leaning heavily on God to get them through this chapter of life.

Blessed be the name.

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Tooz said...

Zantac is good stuff. It really helped Cora Sophia, and she is finally off it. The doctor said now that she isn't "spitting up" as much, she doesn't need it any more. I'm glad it worked for you, too.