Friday, May 25, 2007

Mommy Bonding

Before I get to the Mommy Bonding story, I'll update you on our house situation. First off of course, our house sold. In a day and a half. With two offers on the table, one of which was above asking price! Second, we have offered, counter offered, countered and accepted an offer. Now, since the home is under forclosure, you'd think that the bank would be HAPPY to get rid of it, collect their money and get on with life! Not so much. We were sent a 12 page addendum with incorrect information on it, told to "just sign it, it's fine" and I don't think so. So, now we've got a message in to the realtor who's working with the bank that says, "put in the right information or we walk". Of course, if we walk, we're walking homeless on June 14. Soooo, needless to say (though I'll say it anyway) we're AGAIN looking for houses. Ugggg!

Now for the fun part! Jim is at Schaeffer's graduation tonight. Evan begged me to go to the park, so I loaded up all four kiddos and off we went! I chatted with a few mommies and their kids in the sand box. One mommy was helping the kids with sand castles when I saw her 4 year old boy run off behind a tree to take care of his business. I told Nikki (the mom) that her son had done so just as my Aidan announced that he had to go potty too and started running off for the tree! Nikki went over just as I noticed that Aidan was not merely watering the tree but adding fertilizer as well. Eeewwww! As I ran to the van to find some wipes and a diaper to put the "stuff" into I noticed Nikki also coming over with a pile of paper towels for HER son's fertilizer! Once we got our respective kids bums and messes cleaned up we went back to the sand pile and commisserated about the wonders of boys. Remind me to remind Daddy that he needs to set up some boundaries for out of doors "business"!!!

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Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

The house selling so fast is wonderful, and the mommy bonding story made me laugh.