Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Aidan's take on life

I have two hilarious quotes from Aidan that I've debated blogging about here. I decided to just go ahead and share. If I offend, so sorry, but hey, I can't make this stuff up!

The first one came a few weeks ago. We'd had a speaker at MOPS sharing about how to talk with your children about the birds & the bees, starting with just giving them correct termiology for body parts. I decided that I should just tell the boys that Avery has a v*gina and that it is different from their p*nis. (Shrouding actual terms to avoid sickos from finding these stories, sad, but they're out there.) Anyway, a few days later Aidan and Toby were watching Avery get her diaper changed. Aidan wondered when Avery was going to get her p*nis. I told him that Avery wasn't going to get one, but that she had private parts called a v*gina which is inside her body. A while later I heard him explaining this to his brother. "I have a p*nis, but Avery's is 'in China'!!!" It is soooo hard to try to explain things like this when you're on the floor laughing your head off!!!

The next cute Aidan-ism came just this afternoon. We were at Mel's house for lunch and her newborn decided it was time for lunch too. One thing to note here, I am a white girl through and through. Mel is half Mexican and has a darker complexion. Aidan noticed that Mel looks different than I do and wondered, "Is Ananiah getting chocolate milk?" We were laughing so hard we were crying!!! It was a good thing our friend Mercy who is African-American wasn't there for this one!!!


Tooz said...

David said he hoped you were saving these quotes in some archival safe, non-electronic way, so that you could use them as ammo against the boys when they get older. Like, "Shall I tell your friends about Avery and China, or will you mow the lawn?"

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

LOL! This post was great! And I agree with Mr. Dave - these stories would make great ammo. LOL!

Tooz said...

I shared the story about China with some friends (all older than I) who do volunteer work with me. They thought it was hilarious!

Girl Gone Wild said...

ROFLMBO!!!!! That is hilarious!!!