Wednesday, August 09, 2006

What an evening

So, Evan's first bike riding freedom ended in emergency dental. He smashed his front tooth in on the sidewalk down the street. Broke it off at the root. I have to call oral surgery tomorrow to have it removed because he broke it up so high in the gum that the regular dentist won't touch it. He has a fat lip and a funny talk, but we think he'll be okay.


Tooz said...

Was it a baby tooth? I hope so, for his sake. Ann (my youngest)fell in the choir loft on night during choir practice before she turned two. She had a pretty swollen lip, I remember. I thought that would be the end of her finger-sucking and bedtime bottle. It did stop the bottle. She may still be sucking her fingers, for all I know.

One of her front teeth was damaged in the fall--killed the nerve. It turned dark, but didn't seem to cause her much trouble. When she was eight and losing baby teeth, that one wasn't about to go. It really stuck in there, even after the permanent tooth came in behind it. Teeth are weird!

Jenn Hacker said...

At least Evan can score lots of ice cream and popcicles while he's got a fat lip! LOL! That was my favorite part of getting my face banged up and bruised as a kid (tomboy, youngest of three, you get the idea). I always got popcicles and ice cream to "bring down the swelling". LOL!