Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Babies and Bikes

Many times while watching my babies learn to walk I have had the thought, "Why does God give babies the ability to walk before they have the sense to know exactly what to do with that skill?" You know, babies walk and fall, crash into stuff and get into trouble all at the same time! Well, it does appear that Evan was blessed with the ability to ride a two wheeler much the same way. He rode, fell off, got frustrated with himself, but never gave up and before we knew it he was riding down the sidewalk away from the house. And fell and knocked out his front tooth. So, as you've read, we got that fixed the other day. Now, tonight Jim was watching Evan test out his new skills from the upstairs window. Sure enough, Evan ends up riding down the sidewalk on his face. So, now Evan has a bit of a fat lip left from last week, a scraped up place on his forehead, cheek and eyelid. So, the bike is back in the garage until Evan gathers up enough courage to tackle the challenge once again!

In other, less dramatic news, we had the first meeting of our MOPS steering team this morning! I'm thinking about getting excited for the new year. Once we stop with the training stuff and get on to the nuts and bolts of what the MOPS year will really look like I'll be all geared up and rearing to go! I'm the creative activities coordinator for our group. I initially gave myself the title of "craft chick" but after serving my second year as CA coordinator was promoted by some to "craft queen". Works for me! If you have any ideas for crafts in the theme "Fresh Air: What Every Mother Needs" send them my way! Oh, and here's a shot of Aidan!


annalu alulu said...

Poor Evan! Aww!!

I love modpodgeing with colored tissue paper, usually left over from wrapping gifts. I tear it into small pieces (like, one inch squares or smaller), and then modpodge anything that's drab. I had a Wal-Mart wall clock, the cheapest one in the store, that I didn't really like because of the color. I needed it, so I kept it, but it always made me grunt when I looked at it. So one day I modpodged the rim of it (not the face!) with some fuschia tissue paper, layered with a layer of royal blue under it, maybe to deepen it, but probably just because I like blue, too. Anyway, I'd say have them bring something they like but don't love and would like to spice up a bit, and some pretty paper (and maybe buy a few packs--it's cheap and goes a long way). Then that thing, instead of being a grunt-producer, will be a breath of "fresh air" whenever they look at it.

Idea number 2: When I was a kid, my mom and I made string balls. You need string (maybe embroidery thread...I"m not sure what kind it was), spray starch, and small round balloons. Blow up the balloons, dip the string in starch, wrap the balloons in it, then when they dry, pop the balloons. They can hang them by a window as a reminder to go outside and play. Or they can just enjoy watching the sunshine through them. Whatever you think.

I'm not a craft queen, but those two ideas immediately came to mind.

Tooz said...

We used crochet thread for the balls--Ann is so quick with her ideas!

Poor little "Evan Jim" is a mess, isn't he? I wonder if people think you have abused him when you are out in public--I guess I watch too much tv.

Aiden is sucking what we used to call Ann's hungry fingers. She had a code, middle fingers on right hand for hunger, first two fingers on left hand for sleepy. It was so easy to take care of her.

Have a good year with the MOPS. There are SO many ideas for crafts on the internet, that you should have a year's worth in no time.

Jenn Hacker said...

MOPS sounds fun. Hmm... for fresh air, why not do what Ann suggested with the modgepodge, but you have to go outside to find pretty leaves, flowers, etc and let them dry first before you can modgepodge them. You could use them to decorate picture frames to put picks of all your cuties in. You can get cheap frames at Wally World, Big Lots, Dollar Store, etc.

Poor Evan! Well, you could tell him those are his bike trophies. A friend of mine's daughter was on the soccer team with Jamie for the first time last year. Her daughter was afraid of getting hit by the ball. Her mom told her that each time she got a bump, bruise or scrape, that was a soccer trophy and something to be proud of. So then MacKenzie started getting gung-ho for the ball, diving and everything and proudly showed off her "soccer trophies" everywhere she went! I thought that was a WONDERFUL idea!

Your boys are beautiful!