Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Big Day at Our House!

Well, today was a big day at our house. Both of the big boys had momentous events. Evan discovered that he can indeed ride a two-wheeler, no training wheels! He hopped on it for me and rode right on down the sidewalk. Aidan also got to go to his first birthday party! Well, not exactly his first, but the first one where he was invited, Brothers and I weren't, so he got to be dropped off and picked up later! He had a great time and was so excited!

Well other than that, no new news! I have my next pregnancy check up on the 28th. They should be able to hear the heartbeat at that one. Yeah!


Everett said...

Way to go, Evan and Aidan!

Jenn Hacker said...
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Jenn Hacker said...

I remember the day I discovered Jamie could ride a two-wheeler with no training wheels. He had broken off one training wheel, and rode his bike with only one training wheel. Well, over time, the training wheel kept bending more and more until the thing was sticking out straight - Jamie wasn't even using it. So he calmly came in the house and asked if he could use the wrench (he was 7). Of course I wanted to know why! I went outside, and there he was taking off the training wheel like it was no big deal. Then he hopped on his bike and took off with his friends, leaving me on the porch with tears running down my face! So I KNOW the pride you must be feeling! And first birthday parties! Wow! Big steps for little boys (and for their mommas, too!)

So congrats to you ALL! Take care!