Sunday, February 08, 2009

Soup Update

Several of you asked about the soup. All is well. I had put the soup in a small section of the deep freeze. It all fit in there so nicely! And then the bags all froze. And it turns out that things expand when they freeze. Who knew that??? :) So, we thawed them out a little, defrosted the entire monster and got everything cleaned up.

Thank you for your concern! We are blessed to have been able to salvage the nine meals and are looking forward to the freezer meal swap on Tuesday!


Rebecca said...

So glad you saved your meals. I'm having a Soup Swap tonight, too...but there are only 5 of us participating so we use inexpensive storage bowls like Gladware (or store brand). My row of soups looks so nice lined up in the freezer until 7:00 tonight!

You are going to be so organized tomorrow...clean, defrosted freezer that is filled with 9 new meals!

Carliee said...

I wonder if there's a swap like this for single people...this is your RL friend Carol, btw.