Monday, February 16, 2009

First Ladies

I read *this post* by one of my favorite bloggers, Antique Mommy, this morning.

I have always felt a little sorry for the First Ladies. As Antique Mommy noted they are thrust in to the limelight. How many little girls dream of being the First Lady as they are growing up? And last night as Jim and I watched President Obama and his wife leave their Valentine's Day date I noted that they weren't walking side by side (and I wondered who had the girls!) :) I get a little panicky when Jim starts talking about running for local office because I know that would change my cushy job as teacher's wife dramatically!

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Anonymous said...

Fear not, Teacher's Wife!
You were called to be Jim's wife regardless of his station in life.
If politics is whither he goest, there will you also go, under the Lord's protection.