Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Aidan Aiming High

Tonight I had the honor of Aidan's company as I went to run an errand. Avery had mangled my reading glasses something awful and I was headed to the optician to get them straightened out. Again. On our travels I asked Aidan where he wanted to work when he grew up. "Oh, I don't want to work anywhere. I want to just walk along the streets and have holes in my jeans." I explained to him that being homeless didn't pay very well. He went on to explain that when he got done with college he'd have a job, so when he was grown up he wouldn't need one. Oh, that's much clearer, thank you, Aidan!

In continuing with our conversation I learned that he wanted to be a chef. At McDonald's, Burger King or Taco Bell. "Because once they see my cooking skills they'll really want to hire me." Yes, those establishments care if you can cook. Currently his repertoire consists of scrambled eggs, toast and frozen waffles.

And then he continued on with his long term goals. "No, I mean I want to be a clown." No comment.

Finally he settled on his ultimate career goal. "I think I just want to work in the circus. I want to be the guy who puts the bar on you at the Ferris wheel. You know, so you don't fall out of the seat."

So, my five year old wants to be a homeless bum, a chef, a clown and a carnie.

**Official disclaimer: There is nothing wrong with any of those jobs. If you are glorifying God in your chosen vocation, that's what is ultimately important!


Rebecca said...

oh, Tara! Loved it! I've been waiting for a new post from you, and I must say, those curtains were getting old. I hope you're still loving looking at your windows, though.

So many thoughts about this post:
1) Our now 6th grader used to have aspirations of being the manager of Skate City.

2) A good friend of mine wants to go to clown school. When someone asked her if she can do balloon animals, she very seriously replied, "Well, I can make a snake."

Enjoy those fun chats with your kids!

Tooz said...

My Annie wanted to be a fire truck. I'd say Aiden's aspirations are a lot more realistic.

Monica said...

Nothing like dreamin' big! I'm glad you wrote those down so that you both can have a good laugh some day.