Saturday, October 04, 2008

Why I'm a Bad Blogger: A List

Hello, my name is Tara and I blog here sometimes. Since I haven't blogged in a really long time I thought I'd catch you up in a quick and easy format...the list.

1. We had relatives come from SD. My mom and dad, brother, sister and her three kids all came for the September birthdays! Yeah for relatives coming! It was a great time helping Evan turn 8 and Aidan turn 5. Mom and Dad stayed at the Herb Hotel (thanks!) while Adam, Wendy, Logan, Savannah and Makenah stayed here. Where di we put six extra people? Well, Avery moved into our room in the pack and play which freed up her room. Wendy and her three kids slept in there while Adam slept on the couch! Easy peasy. :)

2. No sooner did they arrive than I caught the plague. My voice? Shot. My lungs? Gone, I think I coughed them up sometime last week. Oooo, it was a terrible time to be the mommy. I still had to corral three kids at home all day, cook and make sure all the people who live here with me had clean underwear! Now? Residual cough, but everything else is pretty much up to speed.

3. We bought a house! Despite the fact that I was surely dying of the plague we managed to write an offer (and it was accepted!) on what I consider to be the perfect house for our family. It is a FIVE bedroom house much closer to work and school for Jim and Evan, two living areas so I can have a pretty living room and a separate play room for the kids. It has a double garage with actual working garage doors. And the best thing? It sits on a full acre of fenced in yard. Perfect for growing children who need to run and romp! Provided that about three dominoes ahead of our own domino fall, we're moving in on November 7th.

4. So, I've been packing like a crazy woman. Jim took a full trailer of junk to the dump this morning. SP who lived here before us left us a tremendous amount of "debris" aka: junk. So, we hauled it all out of here lest Jay and Emily who are buying our house curse us for leaving them SP's junk. :)

5. I'm sure there are other reasons for my not blogging, but I can't think of them right now. Tonight Evan and I got to start building a dioramma of Little House on the Prairie in a shoebox. He's so excited about it! "After all, Mom, it's not everyday you get to build a model of a house!" Can I save it for Aidan to use when he's in third grade??? Sadly, I did not get to buy new shoes in order to get a shoebox for this project. Sigh. What a responsible Mommy I am that I had one and even knew where it was. I guess when Aidan's in third grade I'll have to do better!

So, that's what I've been up to. How have you been?

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