Friday, October 24, 2008

Don't read this blog unless you have lots of time!

Every Saturday Shannon gives us some new things to read. Sometimes it is a fun article, sometimes it is a cool website she found and sometimes it is a particular blog entry from someone she reads. Last Saturday 6yearmed was on the list of things to read. I have no idea what else was on the list because I never made it back to Shannon's blog! Jim and I spent all of Saturday and Sunday fighting over the computer to catch up on every one of her entries! Danielle has chronicled her years of med school and all the other different levels of doctor-ness with excellent writing, poignant stories and a great dose of humor and reality. When you go read her blog bring with you a tissue. You'll be laughing so hard you'll cry in one entry and so touched by the raw humanity you'll cry some more at other entries.

You're welcome and I'm sorry you won't be getting anything else done today.

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Anne said...

I should have taken your warning. :-)