Friday, October 10, 2008

I Should Be The Healthiest Woman in America

All the laundry I do must be for my health. At least my family must think so. And I'm glad they're looking out for my best interests because you know what I found in the dirty laundry pile this morning. A clean shirt. STILL ON THE HANGER!!! Come on people, at least take it off the hanger if you're going to try to pass of a clean shirt as dirty! Even better would be to bunch it up a bit so I think it's dirty! :)

Another Toby gem showed up yesterday. We were watching PBS when Toby asked, "Mom, why can't I see my eyes?"


Sonja said...

As my older children get older...I find this frusterating very demeaning practice happening more often. Folded socks falling out of the dryer is one of the most disgusting sites... cleaning the boys toilet doesn't disgust me nearly as much as clean laundry getting in the dirty clothes, because it seems it is usually an easy way to solve the clothes on the floor problem. The offenders are learning to do their own laundry ... there is hope ;0)

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Gee, that's funny - I must do laundry for my health, too. I'm constantly finding shirts folded neatly in Jamie's hamper, as well as socks, still rolled up in a clean ball, lying on the floor underneath a whole bunch of stinky, fresh-from-soccer-practice-in-the-sweltering-Texas-heat shorts. There must be a whole bunch of kids in this world who want to make sure their mommas stay healthy!