Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Quick update here. Our house is sold! And we close 7 weeks from yesterday! And, thus far, at that point we'll be a little bit homeless! We've got some possiblities, but many are those foreclosures you're hearing so much about. Great deals, mostly, but one thing they don't tell you up front is that a house that a bank owns takes FOREVER to buy. You'd think that the bank would want to unload such a millstone, but you'd be dead wrong. Why? Nobody can tell us.

So, we are looking into some creative ways to have a roof over our heads while waiting on the Lord to provide a house for us to really have. If you know of anyone who will need some housesitting or something like that for a few weeks in November, PLEASE let me know!


Monica said...

Great news!!

We have had two homes and both of them have been foreclosed ones. Our current home was a new construction- former owners lived here for only about 6 months. We got great deals on them- sold through HUD. They have a website which list those up for auction. It's a fast process. When a bid is accepted closing is within 45 days normally. Bank owned homes are taking forever these days I hear.

Everett said...

I know of a couple of houses nearbye that may be available. ;)