Saturday, September 13, 2008

Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy

Yesterday and today Mel and I had a garage sale. No small feat with at least three baby/toddler people and one to three kids under five years old. Yes, that is a total of at least three kids and up to six (and I may have missed one!) at any given moment. It went well, but not the point of this post. :)

The housework has sort of taken a back seat to this endeavor. Tonight I plunked the boys down in the tub and started in on their room. I needed to finish getting out the winter things since Minnesota has entered upon the weird season of freezing in the mornings while roasting by noon. I hate dressing the kids in this season! Still, not the point of this post.

In all my loving wife-ness, I decided to give Jim a choice tonight. Would he prefer to have me finish up the boys' bath and leave their room a disaster while he did other things that needed to be done, or would he rather have me work on the boys' room while he finished bathtime?

I came downstairs to find that Jim had brought in a new bathtub toy.

Yes, that's a toad. In the bathtub. With my three sons.

I am going upstairs. I have a bedroom to clean.


Leah said...

That's hilarious!!!

Ben and Emily said...

Yeah, Jim! Way to make the most of it. :)
The kids caught a toad a bit ago - now I have an idea for it!

Fiddledeedee said...

I'm speechless. And I'm shuddering. I had a baby jar with 3 small frogs sitting on the kitchen table for show and tell for 3 hours.

I still haven't recovered from that.

But the bathtub?

I would have left the state. :)