Monday, September 01, 2008


Evan and Aidan's birthdays are just 5 days apart. Since Aidan was a scheduled c-section I had the option to have him scheduled on Evan's birthday. Everyone I spoke to told me to let them have their own birthdays. Well, turns out that they would have (at this point anyway) loved to share a birthday! They have to share a birthday party anyway because I am NOT planning and executing two separate kid birthday parties within a week of each other!

This year they've been hitting the legos with a passion seldom seen in small children. At least twice in the past few weeks I've fed them breakfast, they've headed upstairs to Legoland and I've not seen them again until dinner (with one forced break for lunch). They have a huge bedroom (which they share with Toby). Most of their toys are in the closet which leaves the entire floor space open for playing. Having a lego theme for their birthday party was an easy choice (and one they could readily agree on!)

Above is the picture I'm going to use for the invitation. The untrained eye would not notice that the creation in front of them is actually a lego party. Yes, complete with lego ladies, a table full of pizza and a dragon eating one of the guests. Hopefully our lego party does not have any casualties. :)


Monica said...

Great picture!! Legos are one of our favorite toys around here. What a great party idea. Grandma just brought over Lego shaped fruit snacks. I think that she got them at WalMart.

Veronica said...

My girls are separated by 8 years but with birthdays 3 days apart. I possibly would have considered having "joint" birthday parties, but with them so far apart in age, I suck it up and have 2 separate parties. I just buy the party fixin's in bulk and just leave everything out for the duration.

I have been trying to convince my oldest (who will be turning 13 this year) that it would be WAY more fun for her to just have a couple of friends come over, go to the movies and spend the night then having the full blown party. I haven't quite convinced her yet, but I'm working on it.

Meredith@MerchantShips said...

Oh, so cute! Both the boys AND their Lego scene!

Thanks for sharing another photo idea with us.