Monday, June 23, 2008

Tattle Tale

Go to jail,
don't forget the ginger ale!

Over the past week and a half of having our nephew, Keven, my children have learned the fine art of the tattle. They give you just enough information to make you think about detaching your heiney from the chair, but not enough to actually get in trouble for tattling. Or doing ANYTHING wrong.

Keven just came in the house. "Aunt Tara, Toby's nak@d." I'm sure I'm supposed to be concerned that my three year old is outside running through the sprinkler in the buff, but really, I'm tired. I asked him if Toby was hurting anyone. Keven may thing we are the weirdest family on the block simply because I'm too tired to care that Toby is letting every square inch of his little self enjoy the sprinkler! I think I may take some Popsicles outside. But first I have to detach my heiney from the chair!


Anonymous said...

Just be sure you expian the difference between being naked in the yard in the middle of nowhere at age three, and being naked in the front yard a block off the busiest street in town at age eight!!

Tooz said...

I understand thoroughly the magnetism chairs have for heinies. Keep yours there as much as you can, and be thankful you're NOT a block off the busiest street in town!