Friday, June 06, 2008


I think we're already experiencing "girlness" with a child of ours. Avery loves to play with shoes, snuggle with "babies", can comb her hair and when the phone rings she points towards it and puts her hand up to her ear and starts babbling away. Maybe she's seen someone do that a time or two. ;)

Last night I served the kids jello. Because we're classy like that and I was hoping a square of sugar counted as a side dish. Anywho, Evan told Avery to eat her jello. She immediately pointed to the phone, put her hand to her ear and started babbling away! Apparently she mistook the J in jello for the H in hello and was ready to talk on the phone!

Cracked us all up.

And then this morning I was commenting to Avery, "look at you walking all over the place" when Toby piped in, "Yeah! Now she's just like us!"


SAHMmy Says said...

So cute! My 21 month old girl has a thing for shoes too--don't know where that came from since Mama wears flip flops year round! I'm with you on Jello--I add sliced strawberries and call it healthy ;)

Tonya said...

that last comment "she's just like us!" too funny! Kids say the funniest stuff.