Thursday, May 08, 2008

You can't make this stuff up

The other day Evan and Jim were talking on the way to school.

"Dad, if sin had never entered the world, would the laws of physics still apply?"



Mrs. Allroro said...

I doubt I ever even said the word "physics" when I was seven! I do remember thinking about sin, though. I remember my pastor saying that everybody sinned and that he sinned every day, and that has (obviously) stuck with me my whole life.

Bird said...

Okay, that's funny. My husband is a physics teacher- I'll have to tell him that one:)

Bird said...

That was really me before. Signed in under the wrong name- sorry:)

Monica said...

I'll just try this one more time.

Lydia said...

Has 'Uncle Everett' been hanging out with Evan lately. My brother is the only other person in the world I know who would've said something like that at 7.

It's amazing what kids pick up. Mom says Everett used to watch the news with her and Daddy when he was a toddler. One day, she could tell he'd really been paying attention as he dropped his playschool little people down a hole. "Jim, you go in the hole. Mike, you go in the hole. Henry Kissenger, you go in the hole." I love to hear what smart kids have to say!