Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another day

I don't think there's much new to report. We've had a few people come through and look at the house. This is a little discouraging since before we leave to go anywhere the dishes have to be done (or at least hidden!), the beds have to be made and the toys/dirty laundry/etc have to be picked up. Why? Because we could get a call at any time of the day for someone to come to see the house. And if they should happen to call and come by when we're not there I don't want anyone to see exactly how messy we can be! (Plus of course a clean house is more likely to sell than a dirty/cluttered one.)

In other news, Avery's teething again. This time seems much worse than the other times. She was eating lunch and crying between each bite. Finally I just told her she was done, took her upstairs where she promptly konked out. I think she was asleep before I shut her door. Poor lil' babe!

I've also been doing some more "mega cooking". In my freezer I either have or will soon have: a spaghetti casserole, several kits for quick chicken quesadillas, a huge batch of beef stroganoff (which I plan to use on Thursday night when I have a passel o' relatives here) stuffed shells and a parsley paremesean chicken dish. I'm on break from the mega assembling of stuff right now. It is stressful to make so much food in one 24 hour period, but honestly, it's kinda' fun at the same time. Nevermind the fact that now I don't have to worry about a dozen or so meals in the coming weeks. :) Yippee for me and thanks to Anne for the recipes and tips!

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