Thursday, February 15, 2007

Update at last

Well, I've been unable to get on blogger for a few days because it decided it didn't like me. Here's what we've beeen doing lately.

Jim has been working like crazy on a paperwork blizzard that rivals the snow storm we had a few weeks ago. This morning he participated in a staff variety show at school. He played a Roman soldier complete with one of the fuzzy "mohawk" helmets and a business suit. Naturally, part of his character was to correct a guard's Latin grammar! Notice his fuzzy "cuddle wrap" blanket. I got this for him for Christmas this year. After a lot of teasing himself he's come to love it! :)

I am still huge and still pregnant. I have managed to get a respiratory thing and am coughing. With someone sitting in your pelvis, coughing isn't nearly quite as comfortable as one might think. I also can't just take some nyquil and be done with it. The eviction notice is officially signed February 26, so that means I'm 11 days from a "vacation" in the hospital! :) When I had Toby they came in to tell me that if I wanted to go home early I could since it was Easter. I told the nurse no way, this was the only break I was going to get in a while and that she ought not tell my husband that she offered! :) I also recently finished 4 baby quilts (three are for friends) and am working on 9 burp rags since I cannot find the boxes of them that I have already! If it didn't take FOREVER to upload pictures on dial up internet I'd show them off.

Evan has been invited to participate in a chess tournament on Monday. He will be travelling to a neighboring town with a homeschool group from our church. Since he doesn't have school tomorrow he'll be able to attend the tournament practice session. Should be interesting! He's excited about it and at the same time realistic enough to realize that he probably won't win first place. "But maybe second or third."

A gem from Aidan this week. The lil'uns and I were listening to Focus on the Family in the van on Valentine's Day. They were, shall we say, discussing a topic that is appropriate for married people to discuss on Valentine's Day. One of the women mentioned how "spicy" it was to see a man clean something, extra so if he cleans the toilet. Well, I guess Aidan was listening a little more than I'd thought. He piped in from the back, "Mom, I think I'll clean the toilet for you. It's getting really gross!" I declined on that offer, but let him clear off and wipe down the sink in the bathroom instead.
Toby is being really clingy, but really cute these days. My friend Mel and her son Zane were coming over one day earlier in the week. Toby saw them on the deck, came running over to me saying, "My mommy, my mommy" and clinging like crazy to my leg! Which is dangerous because these days I'm mostly in elastic waisted workout pants which when tugged on by an almost two year old could have disasterous results. Fortunately I've always de-Toby-ed my leg before anything has happened! He's the only one with a really cute recent picture, so that's why he's the only one who got one in this post!

Well, that's about it from our end. Grandma and Grandpa continue to do well and go about their daily activities. We continue to try to survive life with three little boys (and one of us, as was so kindly noted by someone, 200 months pregnant...I DO feel like an elephant!!!) The nursery is ready and waiting for someone to move in. Wait a couple weeks, I'll be sure to post pictures!


Tooz said...

Thanks so much for posting, Tara. I feel relieved that all seems to be going well at your house. I loved the bit about Aiden and the toilet--too cute! You are really blessed with your boys. I hope you get over that cough before #4 shows up at your door!

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Glad to read that all seems to be coasting along, other than the cough. And I second Tooz's comment above!

Mrs. Ann said...

Yep. And your dining room (or kitchen?) looks really nice--I love the green paint. Also love how it matches your blog. :-) And that belly is huge! What adorable pictures.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Any news on the baby front?