Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Well, I spent about $20 yesterday at Savers on clothes for the kids. I got some sweaters for Evan. One he'd been "dreaming of all his life" and one is "Caillou's new sweater, too babyish, I won't wear it and you can't make me!" Aidan got some new church shirts and a big fuzzy sweatshirt. Since he's the skinniest kid you've ever seen he loves to sit cuddled up in a big blanket in front of the space heater in his room. He turns it up full blast and just sits there forever! I think he was up there for a half hour this morning alone! If he's not in front of the space heater, he's curled up under the TV stand in front of the heat vent in the living room. What a turkey. Toby got the short end of the shopping trip stick. Oh well, he doesn't care and next winter he'll be wearing the stuff I bought Aidan anyway. Baby sister struck it big! I got her some little sleepers, onesies and a couple cute one piece outfits. I then went to Salvation Army last night after taking Evan shoe shopping. I spent $7 on her and walked out with a Walmart sized bag stuffed full to overflowing. Evan even picked out a couple little cardigan jackets and dresses. I think he's warming up to the idea of a girl.

20 days left. I think I'm nesting. There has already been about 4 inches of snow on the ground in the last 3ish hours or so. I've cleaned the kitchen, made muffins, played 3 different "moving large muscles so they'll take a nap later" games with Aidan and Toby and scrubbed down the stove. I think I'll go have another muffin!

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