Friday, December 01, 2006

More about our day

This morning I took the two little ones to Pipsqueaks, the Rochester indoor playground. They had a great time running around! They were so tuckered out after lunch that they both took great naps! :)

An old high school friend of mine lamented about the great debate most women encounter at one point or another. I want to cut my hair, but I want to let it grow! Yesterday I gave in to the "I want to cut my hair" side and took the morning off to do so. A great friend took care of the little ones so I could go get my hair cut. I was also planning on doing a little Christmas shopping, but since I went to a cosmetology school it took most of the morning to do my hair. Who would have throught that a hair cut could take over 1 1/2 hours!?!? Well, I enjoyed myself anyway.

The guys are doing well and are getting more excited for baby sister. Toby knows that baby sister is in my "be-yee". Aidan knows that baby sister is swimming around and around like a goldfish and then he leaps and flops around the room to demonstrate. Thankfully she is active, but not THAT active!!! Evan knows that he wants baby sister to be named Sophie Rose. He's even looked Sophie up in the baby name book to discover that it means "wisdom". He doesn't get the final vote, but I'll say that Sophia Rose is on the list. Somewhere... ;)

I have an exciting challenge for myself this week. We've been following a budget as suggested by Dave Ramsey in his book on financial freedom. Last week we discovered that we had $16 left for the last week of November in our grocery budget. (Forget that we were totally over on other sections and gave up partway through the month!) Anyway, I took on the challenge to feed a family of five on $16 for the week. We've eaten chili nachos, spaghetti, pork loin and sweet potatoes, potato soup and tonight we're having homemade pizza! No, I wasn't able to buy all that stuff for under $16, but when I took inventory of what I had in my cupboards and freezer, I was able to buy the supplemental ingredients for under $15. I've got tonight and the weekend planned out and will be able to do it! :) It isn't that we don't have the money to buy more groceries, so don't feel sorry for us. Jim told me not to be silly and to buy the stuff we needed to eat. I DID buy the stuff we needed. If it had been a matter of us NOT having the money, we totally could have done it based on what we had in the house. I challenge you all to try to do the same with your menu this week. See how much you can clear out those pantries and freezers. You'd be surprised to see what you actually have when you take a look! (Evan even took money from his own spending money to buy a Lunchables lunch for himself for lunch once this week. I just told him that I would take him to buy it, but that I wasn't going to pay for it!!!)

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Tooz said...

You sound like a good candidate for and its variety of menu mailers. Once a week, they mail you a menu for the week with recipes for main dishes, suggestions for side dishes, and a nice grocery list. There are a variety of options available.

Yesterday I took a list to the store and bought stuff I needed for the week--but I sure didn't make it in under $16! I'm really impressed! Then when I got home, David reminded me that Wednesday was Senior Citizen's Day, and I could have used his card to get the groceries at a 10% discount. Oh well.