Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The case for hardwood floors.

We have hardwood floors throughout most of the house. We have a rug in the living room, carpeted stairs and an area rug/carpet square in our bedroom and Evan's bedroom. The last four days I have come to appreciate our hardwood in a new way.
Sunday night: Evan has a bloody nose. I clean blood off his carpet and the stairs.
Monday night: Toby gets the stomach flu. I clean vomit off the living room rug.
Tuesday afternoon: Aidan finds a paint project in my room. I clean paint off the bedroom rug.
Monday morning: Toby untapes his diaper. I clean poo off the living room rug.

Why can't these people mess on the hardwoods?????


Tooz said...

Poor you! I guess it is sort of like the kids never getting sick in their every day clothes, or only the good plates and glasses breaking, not the ugly ones a person hates and wishes she could throw away!

Jenn Hacker said...

Parenting Law #501 states that only the items which are hardest to clean up are the ones the children mess up.