Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Keeping up

Well, it seems that my blog is a reflection of the rest of life, hard to keep up with! I'm working on keeping up with housework, taking care of the lil'uns while Evan is off to school. Grocery shopping, getting the kitchen cleaned up after lunch, laundry, laundry, laundry...all of these things seem to take a back seat to wanting to SLEEP! I've been so tired these days. I'll be glad when allergy season is over. Even though my zyrtec isn't supposed to cause drowsiness I can't imagine that it doesn't because I'm beat! Evan's been doing well at school. He rode the school bus home for the first time this year today. He does have to transfer school busses which is a little stressful for Mom, but he got home so I guess they must be looking out for him! That combined with a constant repeating of which busses he takes (ring, carrot) and a few rules (sit with other Schaeffer kids, if there aren't any, sit behind the driver) I think he'll be fine! Since private schools take the public school busses they have to start and let out earlier than the public elementary schools. Then bussing is available. So, he gets on at Schaeffer, rides across town to a public high school and transfers to another bus that services our neighborhood. It seems to be a smooth system and works well since they've been doing it that way for years!

Aidan and Toby are getting used to having Evan gone all day. Toby sometimes will call for Evan or ask me where he is like I've forgotten him when we go somewhere!

That's about it from our end. TK Oh yeah, don't waste your money on berries and cream Dr Pepper. It tastes like cough syrup!


Jenn Hacker said...

Thanks for the warning on the Dr. P! No one likes cough syrup!

Wow! Evan sounds like he's handling school like a big boy! Changing buses and everything!

I hope your sleepiness passes soon. Great to read new stuff on the blog!

Leah said...

Tara, Thanks for chatting with me yesterday.

Your belly picture is very cute. I'm going to update my blog later today.

Did you know that there's another minnesotamamma site, but, it's spelled with one "m"? There's another leah's house site, too. Weird, huh? Leah