Friday, September 22, 2006

The countdown

10 days until I get a little peek at this teeny beanie! :) When Jim woke me up this morning, I felt a little, "morning Mommy" bump. So nice.

I've volunteered my womb to science this pregnancy. I'm going to be followed by a nursing student from Winona State. She'll meet me at my ultrasound and appointment on the second, come to each appointment and be there for the birth. I hope she has a strong stomach since I'm having a c-section!

In other news, Aidan had his third birthday on Monday. He was so excited to be three! Evan's birthday is tomorrow. He's also so excited! I can't remember what age it is that grown ups stop being excited for birthdays. Remember counting down the days? Now maybe you count down the days to your next birthday with a little dread.


Jenn Hacker said...

Exactly one month until I hit "THE BIG 3-0". I'm facing it with some dread. Not because of the age itself, but the fact that there are so many things I just "knew" I'd have done by now... [sigh] Oh, well. I get more excited about Jamie's birthdays than I do my own. Only four months until he's 9! Where has the time gone?

Tooz said...

I used to hate my birthday--if anyone wished me a happy birthday, I would just cringe. Several years I would spend the birthday afternoon getting lost out in the country, just to get away from it. Now, though, I actually enjoy it.

As to your volunteering for a science project--what are they trying to learn? How to have beautiful boy babies? I would think you would be an excellent person to study for that. Don't forget to let us know what is there--I need to know whether to get out the blue yarn or the pink yarn.

Tell both your birthday boys happy birthday.

annalu alulu said...

I know one thing--it's not 28. I still counted down the days to that one.

Tara said...

I'm not sure exactly, just that she'll be following me and observing and whatnot.

I'll post here right away once I find out. Read on October 10 after 2:00 pm cst!